PLTA Administrative Documents

As new programs are incorporated into the functions of the PLTA, each is governed by a specific set of rules and regulations that are reviewed and approved by both the Board of Directors and the membership. The corresponding documents are then made available to the public. Policies currently (2016) being written and reviewed for various PLTA functions. These are made available as they are approved by the Board.

Articles of Incorporation. The Pack Llama Trial  Association was incorporated in the State of Idaho in 1999.

PLTA Bylaws provide the framework for  how the organization functions.

The PLTA Handbook: General Procedures and Regulations for PLTA Sanctioned Pack Trials and periodic updates govern Pack Trials. 

The PLTA Trial Manual describes how to stage a Pack Trial

The Pack Trial Sanctioning Protocol describes the process that administrators follow to sanction a Pack Trial event.

Mileage Program Rules and Regulations govern the PLTA Mileage Program

Member Website Security Policy establishes procedures for protecting member's information