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Board of Directors


As President of the Board of Directors, Becky is the leader of the Association. Becky works hard to inspire a common vision for the Association and its work, supervises and directs its business and affairs, and is the spokesperson and advocate for the Association with the public. As President Becky acts as a convener and leader for the Board, which as a group provides feedback and direction to her. Becky is a long time supporter of the PLTA. She has some thirty years of experience breeding and training working llalmas and has shown an unwavering commitment to the organization's mission since its inception. She can be reached at

As PLTA vice President, John has full knowledge of the organization and is ready to step in to fill the presidency if necessary. As a Director at Large Greg demonstrated the passion, idealism, integrity, positive attitude, mission-driven attitude necessary for a PLTA officer. Greg is a PLTA certifier who has more than 28 years of experience owning and training llamas. He and his family first started in Seattle, hikinheg up the Snoqualmie Pass area, and going down to the Firecracker sale in Portland, Oregon. They then moved their roughly 30 llamas to Rochester New York. where they started a 4-H club that was quite successful. About 11 years ago Greg moved to Mount Airy, North Carolina. Where he and family have been active in most of the llama events, now as part of the SSLA organization. Greg is currently a board member for that organization. Greg is very supportive of children's participation in llama activities and would like to see more youth participating in the PLTA. (His daughter was very successful in showing, and was picked as the star personality in the movie “Llama Nation“  --Greg suspects his wife and he may have had a little bit to do in getting her to all of the various events.) Greg can be reached at


Kameron Gordon has recently accepted the position of treasurer.  As PLTA treasurer Kameron recieves and processes payments and manages financial accounts. Kameron credits the PLTA with helping him learn about the tremendous abilities of working llamas and how to apply their skills in the backcountry setting. He enjoys hunting and packing with his llamas and sharing them with his growing family. He may be contacted at

Lisa Wolf has served the organization since 2021 in numerous postitions including President, Secretary and, curently as Director at Large. She maintains the PLTA website and the database which tracks membership, llama registrations, and pack trial records. Lisa has been training pack llamas since 1980 and is a strong supporter of the mission of the PLTA. She believes the best way to ensure llamas happy and productive lives is to pair them with responible owners and train them to their greatest potential. Lisa is a PLTA pack trial certifier and trains certifier candidates. Lisa can be reached at

After serving as interrim president during the spring of 2019, Scott has joined the Board as a Director at Large. Scott is an enthusiastic packer and promoter of working llamas. He is highly knowledgable about llama illnesses and care. He can be reached at