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Committee Contact

The PLTA Board of Directors has established two standing (permanent) committees. As established in the organization bylaws, PLTA committees are established by a majority vote of the Board. The PLTA president appoints and removes committe members with approval from the Board and the president appoints the committee chairperson. If you are interested in participating on a PLTA committee, please contact the association president at

The Pack Trial Governance Committee was created to function as the governing body for pack trials. It provides the first level of review to deal with Pack Trial issues. The Committee also provides a link to the Board of Directors and other PLTA committees and programs. The purpose of the  Committee is to provide direction and support to persons involved in PLTA Pack Trial events. The Committee maintains rigorous standards for the trials, resolves issues regarding those standards, and by defining safe practices, meets those ends.

Current members of the committee include:
Chairperson: Jen Hood,
Members:  Mark Brindley, Patti Morgan, and Lisa Wolf

The PLTA Nominating Committee is tasked with searching for and recruiting members of the board of directors. After identifying a potential board member, the committee solicites a written statement from them. They review this and and other information gathered from their research to determine whether the person is an appropriate candidate. Before finalizing the nomination, a teleconference interview is held with the candidate. If the Nominating Committee approves of the candidate, they finalize the nomination and submit it to the Board of Directors for a vote on whether or not to appoint the nominee. The committee is not currently staffed and is looking for members.