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Pack Trial Forms

About the Form Design and Use

The PLTA Board of Directors and Pack Trial Certifiers are committed to making data collection and reporting as efficient as possible. To that end, revisions have been made to the layout of existing forms and new forms have been added. It is imperative that information be recorded in a clear manner so that it can be easily deciphered by our (volunteer) secretary fo entry into the database, as well as referred to over time. Questions frequently come up years after a pack trial as to what actually happened. These forms help keep that information clear.

The forms have been designed to work in groups. There is a set that is required for each event, a set for each trial, a set used by each participant and so forth. This allows the forms to be sorted and tracked most efficiently. If you have questions or comments about the design, content or use of the forms please contact the PLTA data manager at

The following forms are used for PLTA pack trials:

Required Administrative Forms:

T.hese forms are used to prepare for and to complete a pack trial event

Form One form per Responsible Person Signatures Required Recipient Form Details
Event Sanctioning Event Event Host Event Host PLTA pdf, 29KB
Membership New Member Participant Participant PLTA pdf, 502KB
Llama Registration New Llama Owner/Participant Owner/Participant PLTA pdf, 572KB
Liability Waiver Participant Trial Secretary Participant PLTA

pdf, 68KB

Pack Trial Entry

Llama Participant Owner PLTA pdf, 713KB
Trial Critique & Report Event Certifier Certifier PLTA pdf, 77KB
Trial Results Trial Trial Secretary None PLTA  pdf, 315KB
Event Financial Report Event Trial Secretary Trial Secretary  PLTA  pdf, 332KB


Field Forms:

These forms will be used during the pack trials:

Form  One Form per Responsible Person Signature Required Recipient Form Details
Manageability Score Sheet  Trial Trial Secretary  Steward  PLTA  pdf, 411KB
Field Test Score Sheet  Trial Trial Secretary Steward   PLTA  pdf, 348KB
Trial Certification  Trial Trial Secretary Certifier  PLTA  pdf, 105KB
Proof of Completion Successful Llama  Participant/Trial Secretary Trial Chairperson & Certifier Participant/Owner pdf, 58KB
Trial Critique Participant Participant/Trial Secretary None Trial Chairperson pdf, 77KB


Supplemental Forms for Trial Committee Use:

These forms have proven very useful to many pack trial committees. They help provide a clear record of activities.

Form Details
Pack Trial Llama Data pdf, 18KB
Pack Trial Staff Data  pdf, 327KB
Post Trial Checklist  ,339KB