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Fees for Late Sanctioning or Event Results

Fines for Late Sanctioning and Late Return of Event Results

Purpose of Directive: Requesting sanctioning less than a month before an event places undue hardship on the PLTA Board members. These dedicated individuals are volunteers who do not keep regular hours and may be unavailable for several days at a time. Likewise withholding results of an event makes it difficult for the Board collate and report information. Prior to an event the Board must inform our insurance carrier as well as publicize. Following an event the Board must be able to respond in a timely manner to participants seeking results. Because this has become an issue, the Board of Directors has established late fees to encourage event planners to honor the need for an appropriate planning and response period.

If you have any questions regarding this new direction, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the Board members. Hopefully, you understand the pressure late paperwork puts Board members under.



As of January 1, 2017, in an attempt to efficiently and properly (insurance and media outlets informed) sanction all PLTA events, paperwork for such events must be in the hands of the PLTA Secretary four (4) weeks prior to any such event. A fine of $25.00 will be assessed from the four (4) weeks prior period to the two (2) week prior date of the event. After the two (2) week marker prior to the event, no event will be sanctioned unless circumstances of undue hardship are approved by a two-thirds majority of the PLTA Board of Directors. After the one (1) week marker prior to the event, no event will be sanctioned. Payment will be made directly to the PLTA Treasurer and money will go directly into the PLTA account. This money must be separate from the fees obtained at the event.

Regarding completed paperwork following an event: paperwork and images must be sent in to the PLTA secretary within a timely manner. Timely manner will be understood as less than six (6) weeks. It is unfair to participants who may be looking forward to their certificates for event hosts to shun this responsibility. If no certificates are to be awarded, paperwork for the event must still be returned within the six (6) week time period. If the paperwork is not returned within the six (6) week period an email notification will be posted to all persons whose llamas participated in the event to the effect that the paperwork has not been received by the PLTA office and they are at risk of losing credit for their llamas’ accomplishments.

The PLTA Board can only ask for event hosts to professionally and responsibly return this paperwork. If a person responsible to report such paperwork becomes a chronic 'no-show', it may be in the best interests of PLTA membership that this person is not allowed to hold future PLTA events.